Records, Data & More

Family Story Boards
We usually display 18 story boards at the Tom Green County Library during the month of October. The boards are displayed in the glass cases at the Beauregard Street entrance. We have a few "standard" boards that we can use, but we always need at least need 12 more. This is your chance to highlight your family tree, family history, photographs and more. The boards must be completed by mid-September and will be placed in the cases on October 1st. Contact Susan Ball by EMAIL

Stalkin' Kin Data Entry
One of our top priorities is creating a full name index for the Stalkin' Kin and volunteers are needed! You'll work from a few pages at a time, with a prepared Excel spreadsheet. This is an easy data-entry project that can be done at home. EMAIL or contact Susan Ball to volunteer.

Records Abstraction
We take on various projects of recording data from actual records or other sources. There is always a need for volunteers to help with this. Usually,  information is recorded in an Excel spreadsheet directly from the documents being viewed.  EMAIL or contact Susan Ball to volunteer for upcoming projects.

Family Stories
We welcome any family stories, pictures or hsitoric information to be included in our quarterly publication Stalkin' Kin in Old West Texas. Put those historic or family stories to paper before they are forgotten! For more information or to submit a story, EMAIL our Editor, Allen Wright.

Genealogy Fair
Volunteer to help out at our annual Genealogy Fair in October. We need a few people to greet and register the attendees, provide online genealogy website demonstrations, set up and clean up.