2023 "Finding Family" Writing Contest!

Discover your roots and let your family's legacy shine with the “Finding Family Writing Contest.” The San Angelo Genealogical and Historical Society (SAGHS) invites you to delve deep into your family's past, share captivating tales, cherished memories, and age-old legends that have shaped generations.
1st Place: $100
2nd Place: $75
3rd Place: $25
Every story holds significance, and every submission will earn a special place in the pages of the Stalkin' Kin in Old West Texas, SAGHS’s biannual journal.
Submission Deadline: October 28
This is your chance to ensure that the tales of your ancestors live on, inspiring and educating generations to come. Be a part of this exciting endeavor and let the Concho Valley hear your family's story!
Questions? Contact the San Angelo Genealogical and Historical Society at info@saghs-txorg. Peggy Brown Thorsen, who wrote and published her books for friends and family, created the Finding Family Writing Contest to celebrate the tapestry of tales that form the rich history of families everywhere! SAGHS honors her memory by encouraging others to record their family stories.
Prize eligibility guidelines:
  1. Be a resident of the Concho Valley or a member of SAGHS.
  2. Write the story yourself or with a co-writer who has a byline.
  3. Write about your own relative or ancestor; it doesn’t matter where they lived.
  4. Share a true story, not a fictional account, with no profanity.
  5. Your submission should be least 5 pages long, double spaced, and no longer than 12 pages. SAGHS will accept shorter submissions for publication consideration.
Submission guidelines:
  1. Digital submissions only, written in Word or RTF.
  2. Photos are encouraged at 300 dpi, please.
  3. Due 8 p.m. Saturday, October 21.
  4. Submit as an attachment to editor@saghs-tx.org with the email subject “Finding Family Writing Contest.”
  5. Include your Name, Address, City & Zip, Email, Phone.
All entrants will receive a complimentary copy of the Stalkin' Kin in which their submission appears. Submissions may be edited for publication.