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Loveless Cemetery
(Concho County)
Eden, Texas
The Loveless Cemetery is located in the southwest corner of Concho County, Texas, 17 miles from Eden. It can be reached by driving 7.6 miles east from Eden on Highway 87; turn right on farm lane for 3.4 miles to a dead end; turn left 1.1 miles; turn right proceeding directly south 4.9 miles.
The cemetery originated in 1910 when the youngest child of the Loveless family was buried under a large live oak tree on the home section of the ranch.  One acre was fenced as a cemetery and in the intervening years it has acquired 43 graves from the families of area ranchers and/or employees who had expressed a desire to be buried there.  It is surrounded by a strong chain link fence, and is cared for by descendants of those families represented, many of whom will be buried there. Loveless family graves occupy the center of the cemetery.
This cemetery has been abstracted by SAGHS members. The abstracted information can be found in our Stalkin' Kin in Old West Texas quarterly publication:
Vol. 2, Iss. 4, Pg. 164-166
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