SAGHS Awards

SAGHS has won numerous awards from 2009 through 2022, in several categories, including the coveted Grand Prize Book Award in 2012 for Divorce Records of Tom Green County, Texas, 1875-1940, compiled by Susan E. Ball, Kay Clark, and Mary Lee Lenertz.
Each entry was submitted to the Texas State Genealogy Society for consideration in their annual Partner Society Awards Program.
Book Award 2009
1st Place Partner Society Book 2009
Newsletter 2009
1st Place Newsletter 2009
2nd Place Partner Society Book 2011
Newsletter 2011
1st Place Newsletter 2011
Newsletter 2013
1st Place Newsletter 2013
Website 2013
 1st Place Website Design 2013
Newsletter 2014
1st Place Newsletter 2014
Website 2014
1st Place Website 2014
Appreciation Certificate Phi Alpha Theta 2015
1st Place Official Periodical 2015 1st Place Newsletter 2015 2nd Place Website 2015
2nd Place Website 2016 3rd place Newsletter 2016  
1st Place Newsletter 2017 2nd Place Website 2017 3rd Place Official Periodical 2017
1st Place Official Periodical 2018 2nd Place Website 2018  
1st Place Official Periodical 2019 2nd Place Website 2019  
1st Place Official Periodical 2021 2nd Place Website 2021  
2nd Place Official Periodical 2022 1st Place Website 2022